Welcome to You Infuse. My name is Monique, and my team and I are so excited to have you checking out our adventures. You Infuse is the “cover”, or “umbrella”, or “home”, or “landing page”, (whatever you wish to call it) for a several of our passions and focuses. I have been told I am like a butterfly. I fly and land on a flower, then I get distracted and I move on to another flower, then another, then another. Sigh. What is one to do when there are SO many flowers that can grab your attention? Well, you pick the flowers that are of the utmost importance, and you camp out there. That is what we are doing here at You Infuse. Let me explain.

The definition of “infuse” is to cause someone or something to be filled with a quality or condition of mind. I believe when your deep passions and values are infused into every aspect of your life, you aren’t just existing, you are “thriving”. When you begin to infuse these things into your life, it’s now a lifestyle. It literally oozes out of all you do. When this begins to happen, “you infuse” everyone around you.

The three “flowers” I am choosing to camp out on and be intentional with are listed out here on this website.

My faith is my top priority. I have walked the path of doing things my own way, and I have walked the path of giving God control. I can promise you, walking life out with Jesus is the best choice. When I get overwhelmed and wonder how I can make it through things, or how I can make a difference in this world, it can seem almost impossible. With GOD, all things are possible. Me + HIM makes all the difference. When I have God on my side, my perspective changes. On me + HIM, we will be sharing about our love for Jesus. When “you infuse” HIM into every aspect of your life, “you infuse” everyone around you.

My family is my next priority. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing husband, and two crazy fantastic girls. I can’t even begin to tell you how deeply I love these guys. I have fantastic parents, in-laws, and extended family. This website is going to be our fun lifestyle blog. It’s just going to be the random life happenings of the McLeans. You never know what you will find on this site. It could be us discussing one of our latest trips (we love to travel), giving an epic cooking demonstration (aka cooking train wreck), our adventures of working out with a personal trainer (help us Jesus), or ten million other random life happenings. Our mission is to “infuse” fun into our lives, and in return, “infuse” it right back into your life!

Finally, I present to you, OH MY OILS. I picked up a bottle of lavender in October of 2012, and “oh my word“, my life was turned upside down. If you opened up your yearbook, and I was in your class, you would probably see my picture listed under, “Most Likely To Never Touch Essential Oils”. I was the person who rolled my eyes at all things natural. I also vowed to never in a million years join a network marketing company. Sigh. People, never say never. The Lord has a sense of humor. Fourteen months after deciding to jump into the business realm of essential oils, I hit the top level of the company Young Living. It’s been quite the journey. My little organization is nearing 400K people and my mind has been blown at what all the Lord has done in and through our business. OH MY OILS is a resource website for anyone and everyone in the company of Young Living. My prayer is this website blesses you beyond words.

Thanks again for checking out You Infuse. We pray these websites help you DISCOVER your passions and values. We pray these websites inspire you to CONNECT those passions and values to every aspect of your life. When you accomplish those two things, you are going to SHINE like crazy. Game on!