Day One: 21 Days of Prayer

Why hello there! Are you ready for the most amazing 21 days? How do I know it’s going to be amazing? Well, anytime you devote time to prayer and building foundations on God, it’s going to be pretty EPIC. You can never go wrong seeking after HIM.

I’m not sure if this is your first time walking through the 21 days or if you have walked through this with us before. I’m just excited you are here. I am praying these 21 days are a milestone in your life where massive life change happens. You are building the most amazing foundation for 2018….HIGH FIVE.

I don’t know about you, but I NEED these 21 days. I woke up this morning thinking about YOU and this post. I was thinking about the next 21 days. I was thinking about 2018. I was thinking about the very first chapter in the 21 Days of Prayer For Your Business book (I’ll explain more about the book at the end). The very first chapter is GIVE GOD CONTROL. Oh boy, I need to go read my own book. I don’t know about you, but for me this is a constant battle. I seriously got to giggling thinking about this chapter and where I am at currently in my life, sit back, get cozy, and let me explain.

So here’s the deal. My name is Monique and I have a pretty strong personality. I like control. I like to have a plan. None of those are bad traits; it’s just making sure my pretty strong personality allows God to have control. I woke up this morning on the first day of the 21 days of prayer a little overwhelmed. Do you want to hear my baggage for a bit? Good, this will be a bit like therapy for me. I woke up and told the Lord the following on this first day…

Ummmm, so here’s the deal Lord. I’m just a tad bit stressed out. I feel out of control. We have some pretty massive projects we are undertaking in our business this year that it is way bigger than what I can handle. We have hired additional team members and we are dreaming of hiring even more, LORD, this is beyond what I can handle. We just purchased land that I KNOW you gave to us and prepared for us, but LORD, it’s more than I can handle. I don’t know anything about farming, growing food, raising animals, it’s more than I can handle. This season of parenting, Lord, I feel out of control. What are we doing? Are we making the right choices? It’s more than I can handle. These mind games that I’m dealing with that seriously haven’t surfaced in YEARS, Lord, it’s not just weighing me down, they have buried me, it’s more than I can handle. I can’t quiet them on my own; I have tried. Lord, walking others through another 21 days beginning today, it’s more than I can handle. The website isn’t completely finished and perfect. I had plans of having everything being quiet and perfect to break away and go to the land to focus on YOU, and those plans just aren’t lining up. I FEEL OUT OF CONTROL, it’s more than I can handle.

I’m not sure what your day started out like, but that was mine. My list above may sound like a cakewalk compared to what you are facing, but the point is, it’s so freeing to just hand over control. Tears literally poured down my face while typing out the above paragraph just now. It was freeing to acknowledge that I can’t handle it all. That is when we turn to the Lord and hand the control over to Him. It sounds like this…..

Ummmm, so here’s the deal Lord, I’m just a tad bit stressed out. This must mean I’m trying to do things on my own again. I need you. All the projects that are coming up in 2018, I need your wisdom, discernment, direction, and guidance. Thank you for opening doors. As our team walks through those doors, give us favor and bless all our hands touch. Bring the right people to the table for the McLean team. Give them vision for the projects they are overseeing. Give them the confidence and boldness to execute them. Raise our girls to love you and love others. Guard their hearts and minds. Give Jer and I wisdom as we walk out this season with them. The mind games I am dealing with I KNOW are an attack from the enemy, and I KNOW you have given me tools to overcome them. Bring verses to my mind to pray over. Thank you for the land you entrusted us with; may we be good stewards of it. Bring people into our lives to teach us what to do. You will equip us. Finally, Lord, speak to my friends during these 21 days. Our website may not be fine tuned, these posts may not be edited and typos all over the place, but that’s not what matters. They just need to have a second of your presence show up in their lives. Life change happens in your presence and I pray my friends reading this hear from YOU.

So there you have it. Day one. GIVE GOD CONTROL. I challenge you today to journal or talk to God just like you are talking to your best friend. All those ways you feel out of control, tell the Lord. Acknowledge that you need HIM to walk this out with you. Ahhhhh, this is going to be an amazing 21 days, I feel better already.

If you want to watch the video from last year that walks through Chapter One of the book, you can check it out in the link below. You may, just may, get to hear a bit more of my baggage. Hahaha. I have many issues in life. Can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow!

(The books are currently sold out, however we will have our new rebranded books back in a few weeks. You don’t need the book to go through these posts and videos.) 🙂