The heart of this book is that you are INTENTIONAL with GROWTH. We are all on a journey and we are all learning and growing together. I hope you join along with us, it’s going to be LOADS of fun! The first edition of info that will be released in February is the Starter Pack, Calendar Pack, Team Pack, and Sticker Pack. Below you will see what you get in each packet. These were released at THRIVE and will be available for the public to order mid-February.



In your starter pack you get a WELCOME page, kit page, note pages to take notes on all the oils in the kit, NingXia Red and Nitro. There are pages with the prices and info listed for singles and blends. There is a product wish list insert. Graphics for all the videos on the compensation plan (you can find the videos on this site). FAQ page and Get the Conversation Started page, four workbook style pages on the topic of values, and finally some note pages.





This pack consists of enough pages for you to take care of 50 members on your team. You have individual member pages, and stay connected inserts. You also get some note pages thrown in.





Okay, ok, that picture is WAY TOO SMALL. I know, I know. Let me tell you what is in it. You get 52 weekly page planners, 12 monthly planners, page to organize birthdays and celebrations by month, a year at a glance calendar, to do list pages, and note pages.





With the sticker pack, you get 20 sheets of stickers. 10 sheets of RANKING stickers, and 10 sheets of “RANK by _____” stickers. These can be used on your team pages to keep up with the ranks and goals ranks of your members. (See below image for example).

The team pack has pages to BE INTENTIONAL with your team. I don’t want to look at my enrollments as just another line on my downline viewer. I want to see their families, hear their stories, know what makes them tick. These pages help you keep track of their ranks, monthly OGV and leg OGV at a glance, goals and values. There is also an insert (stay connected piece), this helps you remember when you contacted them, congratulated them on their rank advancement, and wished them a happy birthday. You can never go wrong when you are INTENTIONAL with caring for those on your team.



What does your week look like? This part of the packet helps you keep your week organized. It’s divided into three sections that you can label as you wish. There is a goal section, plan it section, a place to jot stuff down and a place to record memories of the week. Be INTENTIONAL with your week. Don’t let the days just slip by, make them COUNT.



Now that you took care of your week, let’s get that month organized. These monthly calendars are blank, that way you can pick up anytime during this journey and you don’t waste older months.



We are going to continue to add to this throughout the year. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! We are going to have LOADS of fun, LEARN LOADS of things, and BE INTENTIONAL with our year!!!