Let me introduce myself. I’m Monique. I am just a normal girl that loves the Lord so very much and loves others. I have a CRAZY INSANE passion to show every single person on the face of the planet that they have purpose. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT. I KNOW you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I believe you are not just here to take up space, but I believe you are here to be a WORLD CHANGER. I am confident that if you can embrace your gifts, talents, and passions…the sky is the limit in EVERYTHING YOU DO. If you have never had someone believe in you, let me tell you, I BELIEVE IN YOU. I believe you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. If anyone tells you otherwise, you send them my way.

I have an AMAZING family. This isn’t just my journey, this is OUR JOURNEY. We are all in this together….sorry if I got the High School Musical song stuck in your head. Jesus is my top priority, family is my second priority, and YOU are my third priority. We decided this past year to pack up all our things and move to Utah. We are THAT family that is crazy and spontaneous.


We love our church, Church of the Highlands. We love Disney, to the point it’s borderline obsession. We like to travel.


Our motto is weird is normal, and we are okay with that fact.


We are not perfect. We argue from time to time just like any other human being out there. We are an open book. We will never act like we have it all together. Our girls have hit the teenage years and we are just praying we aren’t totally screwing them up with how we parent.


We have insecurities just like the next person. Jer quit his dream job back in 2014 to help support this crazy awesome journey we are on. He is my hero. I think he is hot. He says I talked him into marrying me, but I don’t think it went down that way. However I knew we were going to get married even when he said he didn’t like me.


My girls are hands down the most amazing girls on the face of the planet. They love the Lord, and that rocks my world. We call Alyssa little mamma. She is a 30 year old stuck in a 13 year old body. Alayna is our Punky B, (Punky Brewster). She is creative and artsy, and you NEVER know what she is going to do. I thank the Lord daily that He allowed me to be their mother.



So that about sums it up. We are THRILLED you jumping on board to this journey of growth with us. It’s going to ROCK!