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Why hello there! I see you are wanting to find out how to gain access to the You INFUSE Facebook Group. YAY! Can’t wait to have you part of the group. Here is what you need to do to gain access. Go to the link below and leave your email address that is CONNECTED to your Facebook account. We will manually add you into the group. If for some reason you are not seeing the “invite” come through your email, go check your junk or trash folder. Many times the invites go there….THE NERVE. Anyway, we are SOOOOO excited to have you part of the group.

Click the link below that says “ENTER YOUR EMAIL HERE” and you will be on your way!!!


Oh, and just heads up, this is open to ANYONE. If you are living and breathing, you are welcome in this group. I mean if you weren’t living and breathing you would be welcome, but it would be kind of hard to communicate…..ANYWAY, carry on, carry on.